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Full Color Tags:

These are made with the special ink process called Sublimation.  If you send us a high resolution picture, or pick one of our existing ones, we can create a special customized name tag for you.   Click either of the Full Color Small Badge or Full Color Large Badge to see the examples we have. 

Engraved Name Tags: 

We can add your logo or any other design you like on your badge/tag, ask us about it!  Remember, these badges are permanently engraved and you can wipe any dirt off them easily without destroying the badge!  See our pins & clasps page for a variety of ways to attach them to your cloths. 

Select the badge groups you're interested in on the left of this page.

Sample:  Depending on what you are looking for, we may be able to send you a sample.  If you just want to see what a badge would look like engraved, we can send you a small 1/2" x 2" sample. 

Our badges are :

  • professional, 

  • permanently engraved, or printed

  • stain resistent, 

  • non-corroding & 

  • washable (not recommended)

(They are sensitive to UV rays)


If you will be ordering 10 or more badges, you may want to consider having your logo die cast.  There will be a one time set up fee for the die cast for your logo of $25.00.  If we already have the logo for your club, there will be no extra charge, prices as marked.

Note: You must own the copyright for the logo or have the written permission to use it and be able to grant that permission to us.


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